Women study Unit

Fille Pouvoir-From Zenana to Zenith

Vision: “Bring out the inborn talent which are sleeping in the soul of women. Give a platform to prove the mettle and to empower women to live with dignity and self-respect. To enable the world to know what women can contribute and bring the inner self of a woman out.”

Mission: “To equip and train women to develop their both innate and acquired skills through a friendly, secure and safe environment “

The Women study unit of Christ Nagar College which started its journey on March 2013 in an august function which was inaugurated by K.C. Rosakutty, the then Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission. The unit organizes a wide variety of programmes every year for the overall development of the girl- students of our college, who are our pride. Women study Unit also focuses in moulding student behaviour which will inspire them to create an identity of their own. The programmes which are organized by the unit are both entertaining and informative.

The Academic Year 2019-20 also was also an enthusiastic year for the Women study unit.

Christ Nagar College pays attention to the comfort of our students. A recreation room solely for Women was opened in College Campus.  Sanitary Pad vending machine and Incinerator (both non power based) were installed as part of Women Study unit.

The unit organized various programmes such as

  • Live class on Cake Baking, handled by young entrepreneur Aiswarya Lal, who is our Alumni. The session not only created an interest towards baking, but also helped to introspect on new ideas and ventures in the field of cooking from a different perspective. It also enabled us to understand the skill of Cake Art as a new vibrant trend. Moreover the session also gave probed on the pros and cons of getting into the business and also gave a concise knowledge of cake making for those who just wanted it to be a hobby.
  • Feminal Fitness and Hygenics: The knowledge from experts on the wellbeing of the women- fold and the dos’s and dont’s of Female health and the fitness with an emphasis on hygiene. This session was headed by Dr.Anila.M, MS(Ayu), Govt. Ayurveda College for Women and Children. Students were given tips on the need for hygiene by the speaker. As a result the students felt the session as of current relevance and most useful for these busy times of  life.
  • Food and Craft Fest: This programme can in a way be termed as Food made by Students, for the Students. The active participation of the girl -students brought out different flavour to the taste buds which lingered in the minds and palettes of all. The inclusion of Traditional flavours  and New Gen flavours really made the students think about the varied culture in our country .They were serves with variety of savories which they seldom expect to taste in their lifetime. The participation of the students was remarkable. The Crafts works which were created by the Girl pupils of the college were displayed. The different types of craft materials which can be used for craft work were also displayed. The students got a series of information on how to create such works and bring out their creative capabilities.
Coordinator Mrs. Renjitha S.V, Asst Professor, PG Dept of Commerce
Asst Coordinator Mrs Nimya M.P, Asst Professor, PG Department of Commerce
Student Coordinators
Deepika Dileep, BCom with Computer Application (18-21 Batch)
Sneha P.S., BSc Physics with Computer Applications (18-21 Batch)