Before I commence my responsibilities as the Principal of Christ Nagar College, let me thank my predecessor Rev. Fr. Robin Anandakattu CMI, for his commendable contributions in making this college one of the most sought after institutions. It is his consistent perseverance and perspiration that made Christ Nagar College what it is today. His constant wisdom and timely action has generated and sustained the dynamic momentum of our college. I hope that in the coming years, we would be able to reap the benefits of his enthusiasm and dedication. Fr. Zacharias Prakuzhy who was our manager has provided this institution with various insights that have proved beneficial and encouraging.

I would like to welcome another dynamic pesonality into our family, Fr. Joshy Mayamparambil CMI, as the Principal of Christ Nagar School. His expertise and acumen would be a great asset to our progress, with regard to his valuable contribution to the growth of various educational institutions.

Considering the chaos and concerns in the current societal scenario, words of the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, stand very valuable "When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. Stepping into a new academic year with renewed hopes and aspirations of scaling new heights, we look forward to a year of academic transformation. This can essentially be brought about only through passion, dedication and discipline maintained at all levels. Sincere efforts reap ideal effects. This adage proves true when it comes to the towering feats achieved by our young college. 

The academic profile of our college for the last year is indeed meritorious. I would like to acknowledge the concerted efforts of the teachers and students, which has proved fruitful in the academic endeavour. Our remarkable achievements in the academic field include five of our students from B.Com Tax, BBA and BCA departments bagging the first, second and third ranks in the University examinations. I congratulate the rank holders Gowri Venkitachalam (B.Com Tax – 1st rank), Jeni Immaculine Jose (B.Com Tax – 2nd rank), Gopika Jayan (B.Com Tax - 3rd rank), Reshma R.S (BCA – 3rd rank) and Beatrice Winston (BBA – 3rd rank) for their remarkable performance that resulted in this enviable result. I place these students as beacons of inspiration, urging the rest of our students to emulate their diligence and dedication.

            The brilliant results in the University Youth Festival highlight the versatile talents in addition to academic excellence. I congratulate all the participants and specially the winners for their spectacular performance and sincere efforts in upholding the tradition of the Christ Nagar group of Institutions.

There is no force more paralyzing than the fear of failure, which sprouts from ignorance. The vibrant motto of our college, tamasō mā jyōtirgamaya taken from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, alludes to the alleviation of this darkness. We mould our students to be self-confident and pragmatic such that when they enter life after their studies they face the challenges of life with courage, conviction and confidence.

As Swami Vivekananda identifies, the end of all education is man-making, and we aim at the building up of a captivating personality. Education ideally aims at manifesting the perfection that is inherent in man. We focus on discovering, drawing out and developing the hidden talents lying dormant inside all our students.

Let’s pray for each other…

Let’s support each other…

“Together, let’s make things better”

God Bless Christ Nagar!

Fr. Titto Varghese CMI