Education is a harmonious development of all our faculties. It should broaden our outlook, enhance our potentialities, develop our mind and spirit from day to day and in this sense it has to be understood that we should never ever stop learning. In this era of information revolution, knowledge becomes outdated even before it is disseminated and education itself is being disrupted heavily by online courses and blended learning. All branches of knowledge are at our fingertips and can be accessed in the comfort of our homes, but it is strenuous to make a wise selection of the same. In this context, we have to develop the key skills of unlearning and continuous learning – unlearning outdated knowledge and replacing it by continuous learning of the latest.

It is imperative that we strive to attain perfection in body, mind and spirit.  Responsibilities begin in dreams; hence have positive and encouraging dreams. Hitch your wagon to the stars in the sky, but have your feet planted in the ground. Erase the words depression and disappointment from your vocabulary. To err is human, the true test lies in renewing ourselves by transforming our mistakes and failures into resounding success. Have faith in God.  Be humble, for as Saint Chavara in his Chavarul reminds us, the humble man is the greatest among men. Emulate noble leaders, imbibe the best, radiate positivity, transform lives by your example, and contribute substantially to our society

Dr. Jolly Jacob