Innovation and Incubation Centre, Research Wing, has been set up in 2018 to seek and promote innovative techniques from the young researchers (students) of our college in the fields of science, arts and technology. The centre not only focuses on creating a sound research-oriented consciousness in the minds of students but also indulges in hosting various seminars, workshops, different types of outreach programmes to motivate the students to enter into new research models. 


To become a national research institute for imparting values as a national leader


To find young, talented and research-oriented students in our college to address the contemporary issues of our society


To give a better understanding about the importance of research.

To develop creativity and innovation among students.

To resolve and give a proper solution for the recent issues happening in the industry and the society.  

To conduct various research-oriented programmes.

Mr.Abhilash N Assistant Professor, PG Department of Commerce
Ashna Nair   S3 M.Com   Student co-ordinator
Shilpa Ajith   S3 MA English   Student co-ordinator